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“Music is a language of creation. Since the dawn of time, this language has reverberated throughout the cosmos: God’s wisdom, love and beauty manifest through it. From an initiatic point of view, music requires knowledge of the order of the world, of beings and things, and of the science of harmonic relationships which exist throughout the universe between microcosm (human beings) and macrocosm (the universe). It rests on immutable principles which we cannot transgress without losing our way. Music speaks to us of our celestial heritage, and by acting on our subtle bodies it enables us to re-establish contact with our true home on high.” [1]

Introductory Remarks

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Music and Song are Activities of the Heart

The Synoptic Table presented by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gives us a vision of the entire structure of the human being and the activities that correspond to this specific structure. The Synoptic Table explains how spiritual life, as well as physical life, must be nourished and maintained by certain principles. On this tabular panel, music, song and harmony can be found in the column of activities that nourish and sustain the heart and consciousness. Thus Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov explains to us why it is so important to sing together in a spiritual training: singing nourishes the heart, the emotions, and also the feeling of unity.

“Die neuen Methoden einer spirituellen Schule...“ [2]
„Music is not solely a collection of tones produced by instruments. Music already exists in humans as a harmony between their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Whenever there is harmonious agreement between our thoughts, feelings and actions, this is music. A disciple’s ideal is to achieve this harmony in themselves so they can then harmonize with all the beings on earth and in the entire universe. In our Brotherhood, harmony is the very basis of our collective work – inner harmony, first of all, and then harmony with everything that exists. This is why we have a whole repertoire of mystical songs. These songs are magic keys: they open the world of harmony to us.” [3]

Rediscovering Lost Paradise

„When man feels the need to communicate his feelings and emotions it is to music he turns most spontaneously; when he wants to express his deepest religious sentiments he turns to music; all his joys and sorrows, his love and every profound experience is expressed in music. Music is the breathing of man’s soul and consciousness. It is through music that the soul manifests itself in the world. Music awakens in our soul memories of the heavenly home from which we came and a yearning for that lost paradise. It is one of the most powerful mediums, far more powerful than painting or dance because it is so immediate, so instantaneous. In a flash one remembers that one has come from Heaven and that it is to Heaven that one must, one day, return. There are, to be sure, certain kinds of music which, on the contrary, arouse the desire to remain on earth as long as possible, but that is not the true function that music was intended to fill.” [4]

It goes without saying that for spiritual work it is important to choose harmonious music that has preferably been written for a higher purpose. Instrumental music is usually more effective than electronic music because of its lively frequencies. In support of meditation, such music inspires uplifting thoughts and feelings:

“When you listen to music, think of using it in your spiritual work. Music creates an atmosphere. It can also be compared to the wind filling the sails of a ship and pushing it towards new horizons.” [5]
“Music is not just a succession of pleasant sounds; it is made up of forces and vibrations. In a way, with music you are entering the world of magic: you can use the power of the sound vibrations not just to project yourself into space but also to create. Music facilitates mental work: instead of allowing your thoughts to drift, you should, on the contrary, be conscious and engage your mind, so that you can achieve something beautiful and noble inside yourself and in the world. You say you have trouble meditating… Here is a method: concentrate on a luminous, exalting image, and the music will take you very high, to a world of light and beauty. You will feel it as a force sweeping you up. Learn to use the power of sound.” [6]

The Effects of Mystical Song

“In an initiatic school, music, and especially singing, has a great role to play. While we are singing we ourselves are the instrument producing the sounds, so singing has very powerful effects on us, on our physical body and on our subtle bodies. Through singing we emit waves, currents of force that create forms within us. That’s why it is so important to rediscover the mystical role of singing, by concentrating our whole attention not only on the melody but also on the words. And above all, we must know how to choose what songs we sing. Words are the creator of worlds, and these worlds remain in existence for a very long time; you cannot know how long the effects of a word will last. So, what should we make of all the music that is so prevalent at the present time, hysterical songs made even worse by their violent, destructive lyrics? Never underestimate the effects of music, and especially singing.” [7]
“Music and singing are spiritual nourishment, in the same way that prayer is; that is why it is important to get into the habit of singing. Of course, you can make do with going to concerts or listening to music at home. But there’s an enormous difference between singing yourself and listening to someone else sing. Think of the difference between eating and watching others eat: they have a delicious meal and you… nothing! And afterwards, they get up, they’re full of energy, they go to work, whereas you can scarcely drag one foot after the other. Well, you’ll notice the same difference between singing and listening to others sing. Those who sing communicate in the deepest part of their being with the world of harmony – providing, of course, they choose the right pieces to sing – whereas the others are inwardly dragging themselves along, for they lack this nourishment that harmony brings.” [8]
“When we sing, something very powerful is set in motion physiologically, from the throat to the diaphragm, and then the voice bursts out. This is why singing frees us from inner tensions and heaviness. What do we know about angels? We picture them as winged creatures that sing – like birds. Both angels and birds are associated with the idea of lightness, flight and song. And so we must sing to free ourselves from everything that weighs us down. Humans could be cured of so many mental disturbances through singing! For the vibrations break up the dark presences wanting to cling to them. Singing is an expression of life; life itself is nothing other than song. And what could be more essential, more revitalizing, than being able to shake off the heavy atmosphere that surrounds us and enter those regions where everything is harmonious, luminous and light?” [9]
“When we perform mystic songs with an awareness of their power and with the desire to harmonize with the cosmic order, we attract angels. They come close and say, ‘Here is a suitable place for us.’ They come to settle in the higher regions of our brain, also bringing their instruments – their violins and harps – and they mingle with our voices. Then, when the dark entities that are still hanging about sense the presence of such royal visitors, they understand there is no longer a place for them, and they leave. I remember a time in Bulgaria when there were still street musicians and singers in the towns and villages. Passers-by would give them a few coins, and sometimes, also, a window would open, and the face of a pretty young girl would appear, smiling as she threw them coins. This is an image of what happens in the spiritual world. We sing beneath the windows of heaven’s palaces, and the angels throw down coins of joy and light.” [10]

The Music of the Spheres

“When man’s higher consciousness is awakened, when he develops his capacity to perceive the subtler realities, he will begin to hear the great and glorious symphony that reverberates throughout space from one end of the universe to the other, and he will comprehend the deepest meaning of life.” [11]
“Mountains, trees, seas, the whole earth, as well as the suns and stars – all of creation – is nothing but music. Poets and philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato have called this symphony of the whole universe ‘the harmony of the spheres’. Everything that exists emits sounds, but obviously not sounds in the sense we generally understand the word ‘sound’. The harmony of the spheres is a synthesis of all the languages creation uses to express itself. In nature, we perceive not only sounds but colors, movements, scents and shapes, because our sense organs give us a differentiated perception of things. But beyond our five physical senses we possess other organs capable of synthesizing all these perceptions, and at certain, rare moments it is possible to grasp creation simultaneously as sound, color, form, movement and scent. This harmony of the spheres affects not just the senses. It is also a word of wisdom giving direction and inscribing divine law in the soul of anyone who has had the privilege of hearing it even once.” [12]


Works and/or Lectures by O.M. Aivanhov about the topic treated

  • Izvor 223 “Creation: Artistic and Spiritual”
  • Brochuere Nr. 306 “Musik und Gesang im spirituellen Leben“ (not available in English??)

Multimedia (Pictures, Audio, Video)

Excerpts from Lectures by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (Audio and/or Video)

Published Conferences of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (Audio and /or Video)

  • Conférence audio, L’aura, CD 5007, (CD Éditions Prosveta, français)

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