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«This exercise of identification is based on the knowledge of a physical law, the law of resonance. If you vibrate in unison with a particular being, not only do you know his thoughts and his feelings but his qualities are communicated to you. Otherwise, however much you study him, judge him and categorize him, in reality you will not truly know him because you will only know him from outside. Real knowledge comes when you vibrate in unison with him. Being on the same wavelength as someone draws you together so that you can know each other. True love is knowledge, because true love is nothing other than a fusion».[1]

Introductory remarks

Identification is a Meditative practice that concerns the realm of the spirit, the Atomic body, the Higher Will. This practice leads to an energetic fusion between the practitioner and the object of meditation. Also in the Synoptic Table, identification is indicated as the activity proper to the Spirit, leading to a specific reward: the Truth. To understand this passage we turn to a text by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, in which he explains that the only way to truly know something is through identification, that is, by experiencing what it means to be that thing:

The only true knowledge that is really worth acquiring is that of which Jesus speaks when he says: "Eternal life is to know you, the only true God, and him whom you have sent, Jesus Christ". But in order to know, it is not enough to read, study, analyse, reflect, because true knowledge is not acquired with the mind alone. Mental knowledge remains external, superficial. One only knows things and beings by merging with them. Moses, who was a great Initiate, gave the word "knowing" its true meaning when he wrote: "Adam knew Eve" or "Abraham knew Sarah". And from this knowledge a son is born each time. This is the proof that true knowledge is a union, a fruitful fusion with a being or an object. When you have met someone and exchanged a few words with him, can you say that you know him? Certainly not, you will have introduced yourself and that is all, but you do not know him. When you are one, then you can say you know each other, not before. And that is even more true when it comes to God. Until you are merged in Him you do not know Him. Only fusion, union, ecstasy enables man to know God.[2]

Identification therefore brings Truth, leads to higher knowledge, and Truth brings Freedom, just as the Christ affirmed: "The Truth will make you free" [source]. And it is precisely of this Truth that Jesus spoke, that which originates from the merging of our spirit in God.

The aim of all spiritual disciplines is to lead man to recognise that he himself is God. Any progress you make towards this identification will bring you closer to your true Self. The divine consciousness that you have succeeded in developing will participate in all your activities. You will begin to feel that you are another being and God Himself will come to manifest Himself through you. This is the meaning of Jesus' words: 'My Father and I are one'".[3]

«Jesus said: ‘And this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.’ You may ask how one can know the Lord. It’s not really a matter of objective knowing, for we’re not separate from him. But, in order to know him, we must heighten the intensity of our vibrations, until we find the wavelength that corresponds to his and are able to identify with him in this way. For knowledge is none other than an alignment and fusion with the being that one wishes to know, in other words a harmony of vibrations».[4]

The practice of identification was already known in the ancient Egyptian Mysteries and the Greek Mysteries, and we find traces of it in the famous statement: Conosci te stesso:

«Now you will better understand the meaning of the precept that was engraved on the pediment of the Temple of Delphi: "Know thyself". By this formula the Initiates meant that man is not what he thinks he is and that he must therefore learn to know himself. To know oneself is to identify, to merge with oneself, with that higher Self which is above, in the worlds of the Spirit. That is why man must abandon everything that is no more than his shell, his armour, his illusion, in order to rise higher and higher, until he is at one with his own Spirit, his own higher Self. Fusion with the higher Self is fusion with God. Yes, to find oneself, to know oneself is to merge with Divinity, because that spark, that Spirit in man is never separated from God. In seeking himself, and in finding himself, man attains to the supreme knowledge of living and breathing in God.».[5]

Identification therefore allows us to achieve the highest goal of any Spiritual Teaching, to know the Divine, to merge into Him, to know our divine essence. This union with the Divine also allows us to experience the highest state of consciousness for a human being: Eternity.

«To know God is to vibrate in unison with Him, with heart, intellect, soul and spirit. This knowledge gives us eternal life, the highest state of consciousness. In order to have eternal life, we must merge into God, so that His life, true Life, may begin to circulate within us, a fusion that can only come about through love. That is why Jesus said: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength". The moment we merge into Him, we enter into communication with the All, and eternal life floods us, illuminates us. You will say: "But eternity is an endless period of time..." Of course, but eternity is one thing and eternal life is something else. You can live eternal life without living forever. Eternal life is not a period of time that extends into infinity. A single second is enough for us to experience eternal life, because it is a state of consciousness.».[6]

Aïvanhov recommended that these practices be carried out in conjunction with serious and profound work on one's character, particularly on one's pride, as such states of consciousness elevate and "empower" the one who experiences them. It is therefore necessary to constantly cultivate humility, remembering that we are all "Children of God" and that these practices should lead us towards brotherhood, love and compassion.


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Reader's note: the writing of this entry is temporary and limited to only a starting point, since the topic is examined by Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov in the contest of thousands of conferences he held between 1938 and 1985. The researcher will find important aspects of further interest by reading or listening directly to his lectures, published by the publisher Prosveta, the sole and exclusive owner of the rights to his work. Therefore, this artcile does not fully and comprehensively describe Aïvanhov's thought on the subject matter.

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