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«According to the Book of Genesis, the very first event in the world was the creation of light. God said "Let there be Light!" [...] and when St John says: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The divine Word is Light».[1]

Introductory Remarks

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov has made the subject of Light one of the main themes of his Teaching. In particular, Spiritual Light, of which sunlight is a manifestation. He argues that spiritual Light is that element with which the Cosmic Intelligence has shaped the universe and given rise to all Creation.

Light is held by tradition to be the living substance of the universe from which God created the world.

«The physical world, as we know it, is simply the condensation of that primordial Light. God, the active Principle, emitted Light and used that as the raw material out of which He created the universe. And it is here that one gets a first glimpse of the two principles, masculine and feminine, which are the origin of the created universe: God, the primordial Fire, the masculine principle, drew from Him and projected outwards the feminine principle, the Light, the matter with which He created».[2]
«According to the Book of Genesys, the very first event in the world was the creation of Light. God said: «Let there be Light!». But what was this light? In Bulgarian there are two different words for Light: svetlina and Videlina. Svetlina designates physical light and has the same root as of the verb which means “to shine”, whereas Videlina, designates the spiritual Light and is formed from the root of the verb which means “to see”. Videlina is the Light which enables us to see the spiritual, invisible world; it was Videlina that was condensed into material form and gave us svetlina, physical light».[3]
«Light is matter in his subtlest, most tenuous form, and what we call matter is simply highly condensed, concentrated Light. In every zone and region of the Universe we have the same fundamental matter - or the same Light - in varying degrees of condensation and subtlety. Everything that exists on earth in a solid, condensate state, exists also on the etheric plane in a more refined, purer form. And this the whole point of all our spiritual work: to learn how to find all the things we need in that subtler, finer state which most nearly resembles their primordial state».[4]

Light is therefore, according to Aïvanhov, that matter with which the entire Universe was created. This concept allows us to understand that, being the "fundamental brick" of Creation, thanks to spiritual Light we can draw on all the elements that our physical body and our subtle bodies may need. Furthermore, spiritual Light, being the first manifestation of the Creator, is the most effective way to connect us to the Universe. Aïvanhov once told:

«Many years ago, whan I was still a very young disciple of the Master Peter Deunov, I asked him: "What is the best way to be close to God and to develop my spiritual faculties and virtues?". And he told me: "You must think constantly of Light, concentrate on it, picture the whole universe bathed in Light". Well, I worked with this image of light for a long time and I've learned a great deal of it. In reality, God is not Light, He is far more than that; one cannot know or even imagine God. [...] He, Himself is not Light, but He created the universe out of Light. Since Light is the first divine emanation, it contains all the qualities and virtues of God, and one cank know God only through Light».[5]

Spiritual Light is therefore considered to be a living and intelligent entity:

«Light is everything! Light is the cause and origin of the universe. Light is a Spirit, a Spirit that emanates from the Sun ... Each ray of light is a potent force which penetrates and works on the matter everywhere. If there is any area which you should really study and concentrate on, it is Light: what light is, how it works in the universe and how we, too, can work with it».[6]
«Blessed are those who have enthroned Light, spiritual Light, in the sanctuary of their mind, souls, hearts and spirits, for this is true wealth».[7]

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov invites us to explore the spiritual potential of light, to understand that it can protect and nourish us, that it can enlighten us about man, nature and God and, above all, that is the only truly effective means available with which to transform ourselves and the world around us.

Practice related to the Light

Spiritual light therefore plays a central role in Aïvanhov's teaching and, for this reason, he proposes various practices related to spiritual light, but above all he constantly exhorts his listeners to make spiritual light the main subject of meditation. According to Aïvanhov, through the Spiritual Light one can reach moments of great inner elevation, until one comes into contact with the Divine, and merge into it (also thanks to the practice of identification).

«So now let me give you an exercise to do everyday, several times a day: as soon as you have a few spare minutes concentrate your thought on light, rest in light, melt into light, soak yourself in light and imagine the whole universe bathed in light. Little by little as you do this you will find that all the elements of your being fall into place, that this light is bringing you true knowledge, lasting peace, inner balance and power. Instead of wasting your time on all kinds of useless activities, use it to think of the Light that illuminates and gives life and peace.».[8]
«When you reach the state of concentrating completely on the Light, when you sense it as a vibrant, throbbing, quivering ocean of peace, happiness and joy, then you will also begin to sense it as a perfume and as music, that cosmic music which we call know the music of the spheres, the song of the whole universe. There is no more worthy, more glorious, more powerful than this work with Light».[9]
«Make the Light your main theme of meditation, concentrate on it: little by little, it will even come to replace all the worn out and unhealthy particles of your body with new, purer particles. Then, once you are able to attract the Light within you, you must also practise projecting it into the whole world to help all human beings.».[10]
«Try to understand the importance of his work with light, and you will have an infallible instrument at your disposal».[11]

"Surya-Yoga" and “Laser Meditation”

Meditation with Light was developed by Aïvanhov especially in two particular practices: Surya Yoga, i.e. Meditation at Sunrise, and Laser Meditation. For Omraam M. A., both of these (apparently simple) practices play a fundamental role in the personal development of every individual who wishes to follow a spiritual path and who wishes to perfect himself, following the precept given by Christ and often quoted by Aïvanhov: "Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect". [source] These two meditations constitute two cornerstones in Omraam M. A.'s Teaching, precisely because of their ability to foster personal and collective development in human societies.


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Books or articles on the subject treated, in relation to the teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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Reader's note: the writing of this entry is temporary and limited to only a starting point, since the topic is examined by Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov in the contest of thousands of conferences he held between 1938 and 1985. The researcher will find important aspects of further interest by reading or listening directly to his lectures, published by the publisher Prosveta, the sole and exclusive owner of the rights to his work. Therefore, this article does not fully and comprehensively describe Aïvanhov's thought on the subject matter.

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