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The Spiritual Foundations of Medicine

«It is the invisible dimension that controls the visible. Why is it that despite the advances in medical science, more people, instead of getting better, are getting ill. It is because these advances concern mainly the material dimension. The true causes of disease lie elsewhere: in the way human beings think and feel and behave. People attempt to remedy their ailments by swallowing medicines, without realizing that it is by their thoughts and feelings that they destroy or restore their health.
For all their importance, the endocrine glands are not ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in our bodies: they only carry out orders received from elsewhere, and if, as sometimes happens, they secrete too much or too little, or cease to function altogether, it is because they are conditioned by other, much subtler factors, which medical research has not yet discovered. It is the invisible dimension that controls the visible, the subtle world that takes priority over the physical, the spirit that is in command of the material dimension – of matter.
Each human being possesses within themselves the elements they need to resist disease. I have already spoken to you about plants whose roots do not need to be in the soil: they draw their vitality from the atmosphere. Well, if a plant is able to draw all the elements it needs from the atmosphere, how much more should man be capable of doing the same. To be sure, everything is chemical, but chemistry is ruled by the spirit.
Hippocrates was a Greek doctor who had studied the medical science of Egypt and India, and taught that the most important thing was to help the body defend itself against disease. He used natural means to increase his patients’ resistance to disease. The physical environment was also important to awaken the powers dormant within them.
I have spoken about many natural remedies and will just mention that sea water contains all the substances that the body needs: exactly those elements that are to be found in our blood. The Egyptian doctors who cured Plato did so with Thalassotherapy, a therapy with which I fully agree.
Thalassotherapy corresponds to our Teaching which encourages people to regain their inner balance by drawing all the elements their body needs from the inexhaustible reservoirs of nature. For example, to drink sea water is very good; it is a veritable transfusion, and one way of doing this is to eat oysters. Iodine, boron and other rare elements found in the sea, are not found on dry land.
The Japanese owe their remarkable powers of resistance to the fact that they eat a lot of seaweed. How good it would be if we could get it in Europe! It contains all the nutrients we need. But don’t forget the one thing that matters: the sun! It is the sun that gives sea water and seaweed the vitality that human beings benefit from.
Magnetism is yet another form of therapy; in fact magnetism and phytotherapy (natural remedies), are two of the most ancient therapeutic methods known to man. When an Initiate touches someone who is ill, they effect a veritable transfusion of vitality, a transfusion, as it were, of their own life-blood, and the sick person feels better. Magnetism is the medicine of the Initiates of old who healed with a touch, a glance or simply a word, without physical contact of any kind. It is, indeed, a kind of injection, for it consists in ‘injecting’ something into the sick person’s body.
The medicine of the future will be obliged to take into account all the needs of human beings, including those of the soul and spirit, and to supply them with the elements lacking to them. This is why I repeat and insist that the most potent of all therapies is the way you live.
Remember, therefore, to keep your links with the forces of nature intact. If you do this you will be given the light to see the universe as a structure, as the most marvellous edifice imaginable, in which everything is connected, from the summit to the base; and when you see this clearly, you will be capable of restoring order and remedying many of the anomalies within you.»[1]

The invisible world

‘The whole of our existence is governed and permeated by the invisible world. Even our sensations of well-being and joy—as, equally, those of pain and sorrow—are linked to the presence of invisible creatures that have been attracted to us by the way we live. For my part, I believe in the invisible world; in fact, I believe only in that. If you were clairvoyant you would see these creatures

You will say, ‘We can’t see them, so they don’t exist.’ Just a minute. Would you ask a blind person to make a judgment about something they cannot see? If you were clairvoyant you would see them; you would see, for instance, that, every time you experience a great joy, throngs of winged creatures come to you, laden with gifts of light and wreathing trails of scintillating colours and delicious perfumes as they sing and dance around you.

Similarly, if you were clairvoyant, you would see the horrid twisted features of the entities that delight in pulling your hair, pricking and clawing at you, when you are anxious or in distress. Esoteric tradition tells us that these are the undesirable entities that prowl round human beings looking for one that offers them the chance of some sport. Yes, this is what is happening when you are unhappy and feeling tormented. By our way of life we attract benevolent or malevolent entities

Of course, today’s intellectual and medical bigwigs could not possibly admit that human beings are visited by benevolent or malevolent entities. They think that when the functions of the human psyche are either disturbed or enhanced, it is due to the presence of certain chemical elements.

That is true, but where do these chemical elements come from? They are simply a materialization of the benevolent or malevolent spirits that people attract to themselves. If, through their faults and failings, human beings open their doors to the spirits of darkness, these spirits will enter and play havoc with them. Psychologists and psychoanalysts have all sorts of names for the resulting disorders, but the truth is that they all have one and the same cause: the undesirable entities that have been attracted by our imperfect way of life. False explanations based on our five senses

These facts are fully explained in all the sacred scriptures of the world, and clairvoyants have seen them for themselves, but until men develop the spiritual faculties that would permit them to become familiar with the invisible world, and as long as they go on doubting the truths taught by initiatic science, they will go on forming philosophies based exclusively on the testimony of their five senses, and inevitably, the conclusions they draw from these philosophies will be false.

The question of the existence of undesirable entities may seem a little clearer to you if you think about the microscopic organisms that continually threaten and kill human beings. How long is it since a biologist first found a microbe, virus, bacillus or bacterium under their microscope? Hardly more than a century… Before this, human diseases were attributed to the most improbable causes. At least, today, we know that illnesses are caused by these tiny living organisms, even though we may not know everything about them: the consequences of their presence—illness and death—is only too obvious. Our microscopes cannot detect the viruses of the astral and mental planes

The pattern of events on the physical plane is the same as those on the astral and mental planes, and here, too, the results are obvious: anxiety, mental torment, obsessions and madness. The only thing is that there are no microscopes sufficiently sophisticated to detect the virus of the astral and mental planes.

If human beings are so well informed about the reality of everything, why are they constantly subject to trouble and distress? The only solution is to turn back to the wisdom that has been so neglected and despised and begin, at long last, to transform your lives.’ [2]

Prevention of diseases

A few moments ago, as I was eating some almonds, I thought what a good idea it would be to plant a whole orchard of almond trees here, at the Bonfin. In the first place, the soil is ideal because almond trees can grow in arid ground; they don’t need much water but, more importantly, almonds are very rich in nutrients.

They even contain certain elements that combat cancer. For this reason it would be good to be able to eat at least three a day. Some of you might object that you would be tired of them within a week: but you can always grind them up and add a spoonful or two to your salads or your soup, then you would not get sick of them.

So we must plant some almond trees; and then, every year, when the brothers and sisters leave the Bonfin, they can take home bags and bags of almonds to nibble when they are back home! We have several acres of land available. Of course, it has not been cleared yet, but that can soon be done, and if some of the brothers were willing to plant some almond trees they would find it very pleasant, very poetic work.

We have not been very lucky with our almonds this year: the frost killed most of them. Only the trees in my own garden were not damaged by frost, but even they did not produce much. And that is a pity: the biggest almonds I have ever seen grow in my garden, but they were not very plentiful this year. It was the same thing for the olives. Well, there are years like that. It is something that occurs in every area; in fact it occurs for every person, too: the years of plenty alternate with years of famine, the seven fat cows alternate with the seven lean and hungry cows!

And now, why do almonds help to counteract cancer? Because the elements they contain are arranged in perfect harmony, and this harmony prevents cancer – which is the result of anarchy and disorder – from invading the body.

The more the spirit of anarchy prevails in the world, therefore, the more this disease will spread. Medical science does not know this, nor does it know that every disease results from a weakness or vice within man himself.

It is human beings, themselves, who create diseases. When there is too much nervous tension, one kind of illness appears; excessive sensuality produces another kind of illness; when disharmony increases, yet another kind of illness appears.

Every illness is the result of a specific type of disorder, and cancer is the result of anarchy. To guard against cancer, therefore, we have to work at harmony, think about harmony every day, ensure that we are in harmony with the whole of mankind, the whole universe.[3]

Revelations on the true origin of microbes, bacilli, tiny organisms and germs...that ravage

" the whole world is anarchic and they produce vibrations, radiation, substances, things that reach even people who are beautiful, who are wonderful but who may be weak in their bodies, in certain organs, in certain places, and even beautiful, wonderful people often get cancer. Because it's an almost global thing, it's a philosophy. And they have never, never, never understood, neither the scientists, nor the doctors, nor the philosophers, that it is humans who create diseases. And nervous diseases... there were no nervous diseases in the past. And heart disease now. There were none. Ah! There was cholera, typhus, there was... wasn't there! Things... then... cholera, and then tuberculosis. Now even the doctors can't list them. There are so many of them. It's unbelievable ! They also don't know that humans cause them, yes. Even look now. If there are cells inside, in the organism, which are weak, which degenerate, all that, and the organism can't get rid of them, then they become microbes, bacilli, yes. They transform. We haven't found that out yet, either. Science hasn't discovered that. That we can create. And how come if you leave things like that, they come from little flies. Where do these little flies come from? And microbes that wreak havoc. It's extraordinary! That question is still unsolved in science. The creation of these microbes, these bacilli, yes, these tiny organisms... germs. It's taking a long time to get into that area now. But just remember this. That if you live in enthusiasm, if you continue, if you live on, you have the good will to develop this enthusiasm because of the future you are creating, because of the Golden Age that is coming, because of the Universal White Brotherhood and Love. So, you have an enthusiasm, well this enthusiasm will rejuvenate you and prolong your life and heal you. This is one more thing that science has not discovered. Yes! I am telling you. You've got to believe me. And why was this enthusiasm taken away as something that throws you off balance, something that supposedly makes you crazy? Yes. And then when you're frozen, ice-cold and cold, then... then you're on the right track, yes. In this way, then there all the evil comes in and is not able to reject it because there are no vibrations, there is no intense movement to get rid of it, like when a wheel that turns fast, the mud that sticks is thrown up. Otherwise everything sticks, all the dirt stays inside. Intense life throws it away. That's it, you have to live life intensely if you want to get younger! That's all you have to do! So, if you don't believe me, go get some medicine. Intense life,, it's an inspiration, it's a joy, it's something, that's it! So there, eh, you support, you maintain, you prolong many positive things inside, which start to walk, to work, to clean, to sweep, to purify, to vivify. That's it! Enthusiasm. And how is it that Steiner... he was clairvoyant, of course. He said: "There will come after me someone else who will speak clearly, and I don't speak clearly because of my Germanic race. Everybody will understand him, even children. He will be under the sign of enthusiasm. Yes, he said that! And often, I think, is it me or someone else! Suppose it's me, all the better! Enthusiasm! You have to be enthusiastic too...[4]


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