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«La pureté est la condition de notre épanouissement, la condition de notre santé, de notre force, de notre beauté, de notre intelligence, de notre joie, de notre amour. Pourquoi? Parce que les impuretés constituent toujours un obstacle à la circulation des énergies, que ces énergies soient physiques ou spirituelles. Il est donc important pour l'homme de se débarrasser de ses impuretés, et si les exercices de purification ont une si grande place dans la Science initiatique, ce n'est évidemment pas sans raison. Cette purification, nous devons l'entreprendre non seulement par des moyens physiques (le jeûne, les exercices respiratoires, les ablutions, etc.), mais aussi par des moyens spirituels: la concentration, la méditation, la prière, afin d'introduire en nous une substance qui désagrège et rejette les éléments nocifs. Et cette substance, c'est la lumière».[1]

Introductory Notes

In the teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov the notion of purity is of fundamental importance for the inner development of a human being. This refers to purity on the physical level as well as on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It is considered a state in which any system, or any organism, is free of elements which would, through either poor quality or excessive quantity, hinder its correct functioning. Aïvanhov writes:

«[...] Purity is a huge subject, which we must study on the three planes: the physical, the emotional and the mental. On the physical plane it is the basis of health, on the emotional plane it provides the conditions for receiving and expressing love, and on the mental plane it provides the conditions for receiving and expressing wisdom».[2]

The impurities that have been accumulated on the physical plane, as well as those on the emotional and mental planes (negative feelings and thoughts), nourish the so-called personality (which refers to the lower, biological, instinctual nature of a human being), at the expense of the individuality (the higher, spiritual, divine nature). As a consequence the whole individual loses freedom: because they are strengthening the personality, impurities are binding a human being mainly to the plane of material reality, render him dependent on it, and thus hinder his abilities to unfold, and reveal, his true and ideally human potential.

«For many people, purity is a marvellous state for which they feel nostalgic, because they associate it with childhood, with the lost innocence they will never find again. And since it is permanently lost, they tell themselves it is not worth thinking about. Well, on the contrary, it is worth thinking about, for purity is actually not a childhood quality but something quite different. Purity is everything inspired by our higher nature, and impurity everything inspired by our lower nature. The lower nature, fed by selfish, base desires, pushes people to make decisions and go in directions that harm others as well as themselves. That is impurity; no need to go looking elsewhere. Purity and impurity are therefore mainly a question of intention, of aim. Intentions and aims are what make actions either pure or impure. Those who work altruistically, who look to the interest of everyone in whatever they undertake, are pure. So if you sincerely seek purity, ask yourself how you can give greater expression to your higher nature».[3]

Purity is seen as a prerequisite for other virtues: to demonstrate altruistic behavior, to express selfless love, wisdom, or kindness, it is necessary to keep the physical body free from burdens through a healthy diet, just as the emotional and mental levels shouldn’t be conditioned by egoistic feelings or malevolent thoughts. Where purity reigns, the energy currents are flowing freely and the person has nothing to hide in his thoughts or feelings. Just as light can shine unhindered through a pure crystal, a human being with pure feelings and intentions can realize the qualities of his spiritual nature easier in daily life.

To understand the laws which need to be applied for the attainment of purity on the different planes, Aïvanhov suggests to reflect on the preparation of food: prior to ingesting any food, we always – more or less consciously – clean, examine, and select it, through washing it and removing indigestible elements.

«Your body is made of the materials you absorb, if they are pure, you will be pure, but if they are not pure, eventually you will be ill. This is the law on the physical plane, and it is also the law on the psychic plane. In the same way that your food must be cleaned and washed before it is eaten, so your thoughts and feelings must be surveyed night and day to guard against the poisonous ones».[4]

Purity on the physical level

To achieve purity on the physical level or – as a synonym for health – to maintain it, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the absorbed solid and liquid foods, as well as to the quality of the inhaled air and the quality of the environment in which we reside. In maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and persevering in adhering to the following basic rules for everyday life, one will achieve a purification of the blood. According to Aïvanhov, purified blood is the basic condition for achieving a certain purity on the physical plane.

  1. Right nutrition: “How can you distinguish pure food from impure food? Food that putrefies rapidly and leaves a lot of waste matter in the system is not pure, even when washed and cooked, it is still impure. Food that does not decay rapidly, such as fruit which keeps fresh for a long time, and vegetables that are full of solar energy, is pure.” [5] Furthermore, the practice of the Yoga of Nutrition (Hrani Yoga) will facilitate an easier absorption of the purest and most vital components of the food, and will thus support the process of purification on the level of the physical body.
  2. Drinking hot water: “A cup of well boiled, piping hot water every morning on an empty stomach, is an excellent way of cleansing your organism. Hot water is a perfectly harmless and very potent, natural remedy. Certain deposits in our bodies can only be eliminated by fasting or drinking very hot water, for the heat dilates the tissues and improves the circulation. Try it, and you will see how many complaints can be avoided or cured by the regular use of hot water: migraine, fever, loss of appetite, insomnia, etc”.[6]
  3. Short periods of fasting: “I advise fasting twenty-four hours each week, for twenty-four hours take nothing but hot boiled water, nothing else. During that time you work spiritually, thinking about the higher beings, listening to good music and reading inspiring books, to purify your thoughts and feelings as well as the physical body.” [7] “When you fast, your etheric body goes to work to bring the physical body purer, more subtle elements, it watches over the physical body and restores its energy when needed; fasting makes the etheric body work, during which time the physical body rests.”[8]
  4. Intestinal cleansing: referring to the natural medicinal traditions of diverse cultures, Aïvanhov emphasizes the importance of a healthy intestinal cleansing: «Prendete il caso di chi non ha mai preso un purgante, né fatto un enteroclisma. Come volete che tutte quelle scorie che aderiscono alla parete del suo intestino non finiscano con l’influire sulle sue condizioni psichiche? E allora come si pronuncerà questa persona? Come saranno le sue opinioni, i suoi gusti? […] È necessario sapere come digiunare, come lavarsi, non solo esteriormente, ma soprattutto interiormente».[9]
  5. Right respiration: “The purity of the system depends on respiration. The blood courses through the body to the lungs where it is purified and if you do the breathing exercises consciously every day, you will little by little purify your entire system.”[10]
  6. Meditation at sunrise: «Ogni mattina, meditando al sorgere del Sole, abbiamo la possibilità di attirare in noi le particelle di oro sottile che il Sole proietta. Queste particelle sono le sole perfettamente pure. Tutto quello che mangiate, che bevete e respirate, lascia sempre in voi delle scorie che è impossibile eliminare completamente. Soltanto i raggi del Sole non lasciano scorie; ecco perché bisogna imparare a introdurre dentro di sé quell’elemento superiore che è la luce. Con tutto il vostro cuore e con tutta la vostra anima, cercate di raccogliere quelle particelle divine e di immetterle in voi. In tal modo, a poco a poco, potete rigenerare la materia del vostro organismo».[11]

Purity on the emotional level

To attain a state of purity on the emotional level, one should pay attention to the quality of emotional sensations. One should especially avoid negative feelings such as hatred, vindictiveness, greed, pride, etc…

Based on the knowledge that the emotional plane has the tendency to get energetically ‘polluted’, or to get ‘clogged up’ when in a congested state, Aïvanhov notes that it isn’t sufficient to merely avoid negative emotions, but that one needs to develop behaviors that allow for the release of such energetic blockages. Water plays a special role here. Positive effects are achieved when washing oneself consciously and imagining that the emotional level gets purified. Another method to purify the emotions is meditation, in this case the concentration on an object that symbolizes purity, for example a crystal, a diamond, the light of the sunrise, a bubbling spring, a pure mountain creek, etc.

«[…] Now what is needed, of course, is a clear idea of what purity is and how to purify oneself. Purifying oneself is, in the first place, a matter of being able to discern the nature of the movements of one’s inner life and analyze one’s thoughts, feelings, desires and plans. And as these thoughts, feelings, desires and plans are often malicious and selfish, it is then necessary to work to make them more selfless, generous and fraternal. Who can object to this definition of purity?».[12]

The result of a purified emotional level is a heightened sense of joy, for the natural state of the heart is joy and a feeling of happiness. These emotions are the ideal for which the heart naturally yearns, and which can only be achieved through purity.

Purity on the mental level

To achieve or maintain purity on the mental level it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of one’s thoughts. One needs to avoid compulsive, overly critical or negative thoughts, which usually always tend to judge others. Such thoughts ‘darken’ our Spirit. The state of purity on the mental plane brings forth wisdom. It becomes manifested in spiritual stability, discrimination, and a clear awareness. These qualities are, according to Aïvanhov, connected to light. For this reason, if one strives for a purification of the mental plane, light should be the main objective of the meditations. In this regard it is especially useful to attend the sunrise in the mornings. The peculiarity of light is derived from the fact that it is the purest element at our disposal. It comes from the sun, which in Aïvanhov’s teaching is understood as the best form of revelation of the Divine. To link oneself to the sun and to ‘nourish’ oneself with its light means to link oneself to the divine world, where absolute purity reigns. It also means to nourish one’s subtle bodies with the element which comes from the very source of creation:

«In reality, the light we see is the materialization of primordial light. And this primordial light, the first emanation of God, is the cosmic sun, the Christ. For the spirit which manifests and speaks to us through the sun is the spirit of Christ, and if we learn to unite with it, we will receive all its blessings: light, warmth, life, beauty, purity and health. [...]».[13]

Purity on the spiritual level

Purity on the spiritual level allows every human being to reveal that side of him that is most developed, luminous, harmonious and perfect. Purity is indeed closely connected with the notion of harmony; therefore we can consider disharmony as a lack of purity. Once an organism achieves purity and harmony, beauty will manifest in it. Purity and harmony allow for the expression of the divine essence of each human being, and for the experience of that state of consciousness which is called ‘selfless love’. This state of consciousness confers to the individual a fundamental inner joy and bliss.

«Purity does not consist in guarding against all contact, as if shut up in a jar. No, the kind of purity which thinks only in terms of self-protection is useless and even harmful. True purity is divine love, because divine love is life, is the water that gushes from a spring, and this gushing removes anything dirty, dull or dark. Purity without love is not true purity. How many religious people have believed, and still do, that purity consists in holding back from love. They may be as white as snow, but they are as cold, too, and their purity is sterile. It isn’t love, or the contact with others, that is to be avoided, but selfishness and possessiveness; as soon as such feelings enter the soul, love is no longer pure. True purity is that of crystal-clear gushing water, flowing on its way to water the fields and gardens in the hearts and souls of all beings».[14]


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